Creating new tasks in certain sections on templates based on automation dont work

I have created a workflow where when each task is completed, it will create the next task in the process/workflow and allocate it to the next section.

This is how the automation knows when a task in a certain section is completed, to create the next task which will be in the next section.

This works perfectly when the project isn’t a template, however, when I concerted the project into a template, I can’t have new created tasks assigned to a section as when you look at the rule which creates the task in the template, you cant slect a section of that project.

Due to this, you then cant trigger rules based on certain sections from a complete automation point of view.

Is there any suggestions or can the team at Asana look to update this so we can set a section for the task to be placed once created from an automation under the template?

I am confused, because it seems like it is available indeed…

This is based on when any task is added to the project.

What im trying to acheive is a workflow.

Task 1 completed > Creates Task 2 > Task 2 completed > Creates task 3 so on so on.

The way I organised this was that outside of the template is that i created task two in a section and then created a trigger when all tasks in that section are completed, to create task 3 in the next section.

Actually @Daniel_Deryan is right! I never noticed this before, but…

When you use the “Create a task” rule action in a project, you get this, which lets you select the section that the new task will go into:


Here’s the exact same rule action in a project template - no ability to set the section. Actually the core issue is not that the section element is missing, but that the whole “Project” can’t be set when in a template like it can be when in a project:

I should probably move this thread to Product Feedback so it can be voted on as an enhancement request, right?