Using rules to create tasks within specific sections in a project template

My team has a type of project that runs multiple times, and so we are using a project template. What I’m trying to do is have a single task that a member assigns to themselves and marks complete, to trigger the creation of a series of other tasks that have relative due dates and the assignee set based on when the trigger occurs and the assignee of the triggering task.

All that seems to work fine. The problem I’m running into is that while the project template has the same Sections within it as the project I created the template from, the tasks that are created via Rules do not get created in the correct sections. When I figured out how to edit the rules in the template, it appears that you cannot set this task field in the template, despite the fact that the Sections are actually present in the template.

So it appears that I can have the tasks get created automatically, with the correct assignee and due date, but in the wrong section, or I can create the tasks in advance in the correct sections in the template, but not be able to automatically set the assignee and due date upon creation of the project or marking an initial task as complete.

Is this correct? Or am I missing some feature or possibility that would allow for assignee, due date, and section to be set correctly automatically?

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Hey @Jesse_Fuhrman1 so in templates uou can set relative due dates and assignees but what i think you might need it a change of process. Does the task you want to trigger other tasks contain info which means different tasks are created out of it depending on who and when?

Sort of. Only the who. The project is almost entirely completed by a single person. And the tasks are same each time for this project template. The only thing that changes the due dates. I primarily had the tasks created by rules because that seemed to be the best/only way to set relative due dates and assignees, in a project that is created from a Rule that converts a task in another project.

If there is another way, in a project created from a Rule that converts a task to a project from a template, to have the assignee and due dates for a set of tasks automatically, then I’ll definitely try that.

For more context, A form is filled out in Project 1 which is an intake kind of project. If one field is set to a particular value, the task is converted to a new project from a template. It is the tasks in this new project that I want to set assignee and due date for automatically. I couldn’t figure out how to do that except by using relative due dates and using variables for the assignees.

Ah i see unfortunately the assignee auto population with project roles doesn’t work with task to project rule. The only way to use project roles is by manually making a project and it would ask who is the projects manager role and you would say ‘Gary’ and all tasks would auto assign to Gary.

Depending on how many people you have you could trick the system and say when a task goes to this column and assigned to Gary iy brings in the Gary template etc but it’s a bit og a work around.

There is relative due dates that will work with the convert to project rule based of the original tasks start or end date and trigger the task due dates based off that