When using Task Templates Relative Dates are not Working

Want to have task templates for each section of a project template. This is to enforce setting of start and due dates. I created a task template with relative dates set but when I create a task from that template no dates are set. How do I enforce setting of dates when creating tasks?

Also the + at the top of each section and the Add new button brings up the Task Template list but the Add task… at the bottom does not. Is there a way to get more consistant behavior or disable the Add task… at the bottom to encourge use of templates.

Hi @Linda_Hartwig,

For the first concern, you can utilize rules to set due dates. Rules are utilized for Business and Enterprise customers.

An example of a rule you can use is:

Trigger: Task added to the project (or task template in your situation)
Action: Add relative due date

For your second inquiry, I am not sure what you are referring to. Are you able to provide screenshots without showing important or sensitive information?

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So what is the point of relative dates in Task Templates if they don’t set dates when used to create tasks?


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I see what you are saying. Subtasks do not inherit the information within the main task. You can set a relative date for that task, but your subtasks will not take that information into account.


It does not set the dates in the Main Task created from the template. Which is what I expected.

Hi @Linda_Hartwig, when using a task template that has a relative due date set, you should see a due date populate in the actual task that is created from the template. Is this not happening?

I can see from your screenshot that you do not have a relative due date set yet, so it’s expected that you wouldn’t see a due date populate in the task.