Task Template - Subtasks Due Date

We are building task templates, and want the subtasks due dates to populate based on the due date added to the main task. For example: 5 days before the task is due subtask x is due.

Is there anything like that?

@Kaitlyn_Spinney, Both the task template’s date and any of its subtasks’ due dates can be relative to the date you create the task from the template. That’s at the moment all the relative behavior available, I believe:



The sub task relative date says “8 days after task is created” but we want it to be “8 days before task is due”

Does that make sense? Our subtasks don’t care when the task was created - just when the task is due

If you make the parent task due date “9 days after task is created” and the subtask “1 day after the task is created” then the subtask will be due 8 days before the task is due just as you asked.

Re not caring when the task is created: I’m afraid that’s the only relative functionality with task templates Asana offers. You can add a #productfeedback request for this, or perhaps already one exists and you can vote for it. Or maybe a third party tool such as @Phil_Seeman’s Flowsana can help.

It’s not the exact equivalent of a task template (because it adds subtasks as the result of a rule firing, rather than manually as with task templates), but Flowsana does have a rule action to add subtasks from a template of subtasks that you create, and you can set the subtask dates so they get set relative to the due date of the task they’re being added under. (For more detail, see “Add subtasks…” at the bottom of this KB article.)

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