Subtask relative due dates based on parent task start/completion date

Please allow updating subtask due dates based on the parent task’s start or completion date. Currently, the only relative due date option is based on task creation date. What if I am adding a task today to be started next week?


Hi @Sunny_Zhang,

You might want to take a look at the “Add Subtasks” rule action in our Flowsana integration; it allows you to do exactly what you’re asking for. :slight_smile:


Hi @Sunny_Zhang, thanks for providing this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available right now, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

There should be a way of choosing a due date for a task template and having all of its subtasks adjust their dates in relation to that.

For example, I need to create a monthly marketing update. This involves several subtasks assigned to other people. Perfect use case for a task template.

Right now, due dates are set relative to when the task was created (from the template).

Instead, I’d like to choose the due date when creating the task (e.g. the 2nd Monday of the month) and have all of its subtasks adjust their due dates accordingly (e.g. to be due three days before that).


Yes! This would be very helpful.

We almost always have to select very specific dates for when a parent task is due (for example a product launch). Automatically setting the due date a certain number of days from when the task is created doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, it would be very helpful to have subtask dates relative to the chosen due date of the parent task.

I guess in order to add this functionality you would have to force someone to choose a due date for the main task if they’re using a task template that has relative dates for the subtasks. But that is well worth it. Unfortunately relative due dates aren’t useable for us as it’s currently set up.


FYI the “Add subtasks” rule action in our Flowsana integration has this feature - you can have the dates of subtasks be set relative to the due date of the parent task.

Have there been any updates relative to this, without having to integrate another program? While we could add Flowsana, we’re already overwhelmed with too many apps/programs, and don’t want to continually add new apps for individual functions.