Subtasks automating dated backward from due date

Super excited to see some updates on the subtask rules. Being able to add them to different projects has really helped our team!

One thing we do a lot of is using the due date of the parent task as the deliverable date and the subtasks go backward from the due date. Will subtasks be able to do that soon in the rule? Years ago you could do negative dates, but it seems to be gone in Asana now. This would be AMAZING!

Form submitted
Parent task is set to due date that was selected on the form and connected to the due date on the task
Subtasks then populate the dates for when those are due in relation to the parent task due date

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Hi @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic!

Just FYI, this capability is available in the “Add subtasksFlowsana rule action.

@Phil_Seeman Thanks! I have to build those tasks though and pull them from asana right? I can’t build the subtasks in the “customize” section?

The phantom tasks for some reason REALLY confuse people so trying to keep that to a limited group who can comprehend them.


That’s correct.

Yeah, I get your point about having them right in the Customize section vs. in another “template” project somewhere else. You just have to decide about the downside of having them “hidden” vs. the upside of the ability to set relative subtasks dates from the parent’s due date!

Upvoting this (x 100 if I could)! It seems like an obvious feature necessary to deadline-based tasks.


Or even having the drop down start date of the subtasks be the date of the parent task instead of having to scroll out 1-2 years in advance for EVERY single subtask. Because the “work back” is really what everyone is using to set dates for subtasks.


Any movement on this item?
I need it more and more as we scale. I could use the Flowsana option @Phil_Seeman mentioned above… however the “phantom tasks,” as I call them… confuse people no matter how much I try to explain and communicate as items change hands, someone without fail comments on the phantom tasks or marks it complete… or has reassigned, and then I can’t truth the system so I would love a solution where they don’t need to have task living and passed to other’s

Do you mean the tasks and subtasks in what Flowsana calls the “subtask templates library” or something else? if you do mean that, then you should be able to make that “library” project hidden to all users except for the person building the rules, so no one else can get to those tasks to mess with them.

Suppose I want them to assign due dates and to a person automatically. The tasks need to be built and assigned to another project, correct?
Like Phase 1 of the Launch image. That is in a template. @Phil_Seeman

Hi @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic,

I would need more info, not sure we’re following each other’s comments.

Best thing is to continue the discussion via, if you can ask via email there - I think this is heading into a longer Flowsana support discussion than we should conduct in the Asana forum. Thanks!

Thanks! @Phil_Seeman, I will go without dates and use the subtasks in Asana for now.

This backdating feature is desperately needed. As stated by several others here, I would imagine most people are trying to use subtasks in order to work back from the parent task’s due date. Please get this added, Asana!

Also, I am aware of Flowsana’s ability to help remedy this, but adding an additional tool to fix Asana’s shortcomings is not ideal and not practical for all organizations.


any update on the comment above???

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Also, is it possible that subtask due dates shift based on due date changes on parent task?

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