Rule to auto-assign due dates for sub tasks

I love that there are certain rules that can now be run on sub-tasks, but I would love a rule that will auto-assign sub-task due dates based on the parent task due date.


Hello @Sam_Schumpf,

At the moment you can already set a due date for subtasks that are added via rule:

Now if you want the due dates to change based on the parent task you would need to set up dependencies which currently cannot be set up via rule for subtasks, however they could be set up when using task templates.
Or otherwise check out Flowsana.

And you can also upvote here.

Here is another feedback request thread you might be interested in.

Hi, thank you so much for this info! Unfortunately, I’m trying to change the due dates based on the parent task. I just upvoted on the thread you shared, would love to see this feature added at some point!

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Hi @Sam_Schumpf,

You mention “auto-assign sub-task due dates”, then later “I’m trying to change the due dates”.

So I wanted to clarify, is it your need to assign the subtask dates (based on the parent) when the subtask gets created, or to update subtask dates based on the parent when the parent changes, or perhaps both?

If you can describe your specific use case(s), that could be useful to help us better understand the need(s).

Hi @Phil_Seeman!

Sorry, I don’t think I explained it correctly.

We have a project for incoming new hires, where each time a form is filled out a new task is created. That task has multiple subtasks, whose due dates vary and are relevant to the parent task’s due date.

I would love to have a rule that auto-assigns the sub-task due dates based on the due date assigned to that parent task. For example, if the parent task due date is 6/1 then some subtasks are due 5/28, some 5/20, etc.

Unfortunately, this form is not native to Asana and is tied to multiple automation (outside of Asana) set up by our IT team, so I can’t use Flowsana or outside apps for this project.

Does this make more sense?

Yes, @Sam_Schumpf, that makes total sense.

Unfortunately you can’t use Asana’s “Add subtasks” rule action because it can only set subtask due dates that fall after the parent’s due date, and in your example, they need to come before it.

Yeah, Flowsana’s “Add subtasks” rule action would be perfect here, because it can set subtask dates to dates before the parent’s due date. Or else our new “Set Due Date” rule action… :cry:

I can’t think of any way to accomplish it just via native Asana. Anyone else?

Has there been a solution to being able to create deadlines based on the parent tasks within sub tasks?

I’s like to see the parent task dates auto assign from the sub tasks durations