Allow the Create Subtasks rule action to create subtask due dates that fall BEFORE the parent's due date

I work with multiple creative teams where it would be most useful to be able to set the due date of the parent task and have subtasks automatically created that lead up to the parent task’s due date. Right now that doesn’t appear possible within the rules builder. Am I missing how to do this or is this not available? Thanks!

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Hi @Emily_Kokol-Rivera1,

Before I answer more fully, I just want to make sure the problem statement is clear: is it accurate to say that your issue is that while you can create a rule where the subtask dates are set relative to the parent task, the subtasks dates can only be set to fall after the parent’s due date, and you want the subtask dates to fall before the parent task’s date?

Correct. I need the subtasks to lead up to the Due Date, not fall after.


There are other forum threads that relate to this request but none I could find that express it specifically that we could merge this one into. So I renamed the title here - hope that’s OK.

As you observed, Asana’s “Create subtasks” rule action can only set subtask due dates that fall after the parent’s due date.

FYI one solution unless/until Asana provides the requested capability is the Add subtasks rule action in our Flowsana integration; it can set subtask dates to dates before the parent’s due date.

That is frustrating for creative teams but I appreciate your help.

My company already pays for Asana so I don’t think they would be thrilled to be paying for an additional software to make Asana work the way we need it to but I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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