rule to adjust the due-date of certain subtasks triggered by a change on due-date of one of the subtasks


i would like to automate the following process:

i have a main task which contains many subtasks in it. all subtasks have a due date assigned. when i manually change the due date of the (last) subtasks, i would like that an automatic trigger (based on rules?) changes all the due dates of the other subtasks of ±X number of weeks.

How can i achieve this?


Hi @Matteo_Dubini, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

While this isn’t possible natively in Asana, you might be able to achieve it with Flowsana’s Auto-Adjust Workflow type.

Tagging @Phil_Seeman, Flowsana’s creator, to confirm!

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Thanks, @Rebecca_McGrath!

Yes, @Matteo_Dubini. Rebecca is exactly correct. You would need to set up dependencies on the subtasks, which is how Flowsana knows what tasks need to adjust based on the movement of other tasks; Flowsana’s Auto-Adjust Workflow will then monitor your project’s tasks/subtasks, and if a task’s date changes and it has dependent tasks, those dependents will be adjusted by the same number of days. (And you can choose whether to have it skip weekend days or not when it adjusts.)


@Matteo_Dubini as a rule of thumb, Rules in Asana don’t apply to subtasks, as they don’t belong to the project (however they added the ability to create subtasks) and also Rules don’t allow you to target a specific task, it always targets all tasks matching a filter. But Flowsana, as often, is the way to go!


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