Automate Tasks to Specific Sections When They Are Added to a Project

Is it possible to automate tasks to specific sections when they are added to a project?

I have a workflow set up that has rules applied to a task (like subtasks automatically added) when it is added to the project based on the section that it starts in. However, there are some occasions when I would like a task to come into the same project without having all of the rules applied. Is this possible?

Hey @Katie_W, maybe amend your initial rule (that adds all subtasks automatically to any tasks created in this project) so it is only triggered for tasks added in a specific section?
Or another option could be creating a custom field with dropdown options and the subtasks are only added when a specific selection is made here?

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Thank you for the suggestion @Andrea_Mayer! I think that is a good alternative for us.

The ideal scenario would be eliminating having to manually change custom fields in order for this to happen, having subtasks automatically triggered when tasks are added to a project, and specific subtasks based on the section. It sounds like this is not possible yet?

Hey @Katie_W

you can only trigger based on sections in this case. So for example tasks added to section A trigger the rule to add the subtasks, tasks added to section B don‘t trigger them. Unless you have more triggers such as assigned to and added to column A triggers the rule or similar.

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Thank you @Andrea_Mayer!

I am still curious if Asana would consider creating this capability though, to automate tasks to specific sections.

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