Global Rules would rule!

This would be a dream for me and I’m sure a nightmare to program but my hope is that on the Asana road map there is a milestone that would allow a rule we’ve created to be discoverable across all projects from a library (much like how Custom Fields behave). Create them once, add them forever.

Thank you for sharing your feedback @Brian_Massey and thank you for the screenshot!

Hopefully this is something we can integrate in the future! :crossed_fingers:t4:

Have a great day!


Hi Natalia, I like the “rule” feature a lot, and am using it actively. Only a small suggestion: every time a rule is run, there is a conversation box saying " ‘rule’ is running" “rule owned by xx”, can I turn this box off? It becomes very annoying now, especially when there are multiple rules running at the same time, then the boxes filled the whole screen, which is really bad looking and distracting. I truly hope I can turn the box off! I know rule is running! No need to remind me! (Or some setting like “don’t show again about this rule”) Thank you!