Better and more advanced Rules/Automations

Currently the filtering of Task rules as quite basic, and there is in addition very few actions to be done. I would like filtering based on certain “Contains” [certain words] or based on custom fields. for example “If a comment is Added”(Trigger) → “Comment contains ‘gmail’” (filter) → “create subtask” (Action). That way we can create followup tasks after emails has been sent or received with the asana-gmail integration. This would basically allow Asana to compete better with Hubspot and Salesforce as a jack-of-all-trades CRM-software.


I suggest you make a dedicated thread for each request, otherwise we can’t upvote clearly. Also try to find existing threads first.


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Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Erlend_Klette! Here you can find some exciting threads you can upvote:

If your request is not covered on that threads, please create separate requests for the new triggers you would like to see implemented. This would help us to follow up on your feedback once we have more details! Thanks

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