Allow for nomenclature-based rules


I (and a myriad of other organizations) would love to see nomenclature-based rules. This would allow for a whole different level of automation when it comes to organizing my tasks. Rather than moving new tasks to an “Inbox” section with a simple rule every time, I could have new tasks automatically moved where they need to go based off certain letters or words in the task (the task’s nomenclature). In other words, if a task contained the word “SEO”, I could program it to always go to my project’s “SEO” section, as an example.

Flowsana allows for nomenclature-based rules, but Flowsana, being a third party, is significantly slower than Asana’s native rules, so I would love to see Asana support this directly.

Thoughts below!



I haven’t thought of this use case before and & curious custom fields aren’t helpful for you in this scenario?

Unfortunately custom fields won’t help as they still necessitate manual action (selecting a value in the custom field, then the rule moves the task based on the value you selected).

The idea behind nomenclature-based rules is that task movement can be fully, 100% automated (so long as the tasks are consistently named, or keywords are consistently used (for example, “SEO”)).

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If you built into your workflow a process of tagging tasks as soon as they’re created, then having rules move tasks around based on those tags, could that be useful?

Obviously it still requires users to add tags to the task, but I feel like that could be just as easy to enforce as making sure people add the appropriate keywords (which are more or less being treated as tags anyway) to the task name.