Allow for nomenclature-based rules


I (and a myriad of other organizations) would love to see nomenclature-based rules. This would allow for a whole different level of automation when it comes to organizing my tasks. Rather than moving new tasks to an “Inbox” section with a simple rule every time, I could have new tasks automatically moved where they need to go based off certain letters or words in the task (the task’s nomenclature). In other words, if a task contained the word “SEO”, I could program it to always go to my project’s “SEO” section, as an example.

Flowsana allows for nomenclature-based rules, but Flowsana, being a third party, is significantly slower than Asana’s native rules, so I would love to see Asana support this directly.

Thoughts below!

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I haven’t thought of this use case before and & curious custom fields aren’t helpful for you in this scenario?

Unfortunately custom fields won’t help as they still necessitate manual action (selecting a value in the custom field, then the rule moves the task based on the value you selected).

The idea behind nomenclature-based rules is that task movement can be fully, 100% automated (so long as the tasks are consistently named, or keywords are consistently used (for example, “SEO”)).

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