Asana Rules - Integrating Slack Notifications for Support

Hey there, Asana Community. Question about a very SIMPLE rule that’s not triggering.

We leverage Asana internally to churn out many marketing-related tasks for our clients (i.e content, email, paid ad requests). Each client has a dedicated project where they can approve and revise tasks, which are also multi-homed into projects where the real workflow-magic happens. Stick with me here.

We only communicate with clients in their dedicated projects (not by email), so we’ve created a dedicated “communication task” where they can ask questions. Each project’s communication task is multihomed into a “Communication Support” project where our VAs quickly access and respond to these questions.

When a comment comes into the “Communication Support” project, I’d like to set up a rule where a Slack message is sent to a Slack channel to notify the team. Simple right? It is, but wait!

How do I filter comments to only send our client comments and not the VAs comments? It’s a pain to receive a Slack notification about a comment only to find out it’s a response from a VA.

A clever way is to create a “people” custom field and add the custom field into the rules conditional logic, but the trigger isn’t working. I’ve tried EVERY variation possible but without success.

This is puzzling so maybe a fellow power-user can help. This is my very rare cry for help.


@Bastien_Siebman, I see you plastered everywhere. This is my bat signal, or “Bastien” signal. Thanks!

Not sure “plastered” is a positive word :rofl:


You currently can’t filter comments, the trigger “Comment is added” doesn’t have any specific condition (in the new rule editor)… One way I solved this recently when building a custom integration was to decide that if a comment contains a separator (type “—” to get one) then anything below would go to the client, the rest above stays private. But you can’t yet do that with the native rules.

To avoid any mistake, my advice is to keep things separate: make it super obvious which tasks are in the client’s project (with an emoji for example) and don’t have private discussions on them…

PS: this gif is weirdly embarrassing