Specific tasks to trigger rules

Do you need to share Asana notifications related to specific tasks in Slack? Too bad, you can’t!

Unless you know the trick below, but first: why would you want to do this?

Here’s an example use case: when creating some specific tasks, you want to notify your team in Slack. But Asana does not have a way to choose the tasks the rules apply to. They usually apply to all the tasks in the project.

You could create a specific project called “Notify in Slack”, for example.

Then, you could multi-home in it any task that needs to create a notification in Slack if completed.

This is how you “pick” a task, by using multihoming to other projects.

Voilà! Problem solved. :bulb:

Is it too good to be true? Yes, a little. You need to have a business account to set up these rules.

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman ! This is a cool trick indeed, which I have used in a similar case study.
If I may add to your post, instead of having users to multi-home the tasks manually, I prefer to set up a single-select field with one option eg. ‘Notify in Slack’ which once selected, it simply triggers a rule to multi-home or ‘add’ the task to the project ‘Notify in Slack’ (which, as per your post, it has a rule that creates notifications in Slack for ALL tasks).
I find it useful to set up such a field to act as a ‘trigger button’ which for most users is ‘safer’ because manual multi-homing can get tricky as they may multi-home a task to the wrong project, which happens! :smiley:

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Definitely a good idea @Richard_Sather , but requires an action dropdown in all projects, where my solution does not :+1:

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