Comments on Asana tasks don't show up in Slack

@Marie As you know, for years now Asana users have been asking Asana why the company has intentionally avoided allowing its users to forward comments from Asana projects to Slack. Once upon a time this worked with the Asana-Slack integration. Then that integration was intentionally broken by Asana and revamped with limited functionality.

Comments came into this forum for ages—people begged to get this feature back, which is standard on competing products like Trello. Most of this feedback were merged into this thread: Comments on tasks - Slack notifications

People were furious, frustrated, and dismayed that Asana couldn’t or wouldn’t build this extremely obvious integration. Then Asana came out with Rules functionality, which you excitedly posted to the above thread as though it were somehow a solution, and then you closed the thread.

Very disingenuous, because you know that the Rules functionality STILL doesn’t do what people want. Only the highest-paying Asana customers (Business subscribers) can create custom rules, and even with custom rules you can’t have Asana comments automatically sent to Slack (which Trello users can get for basically nothing). Instead, the best thing you can get is to create a custom notification that a comment has been added. For example, I could create a rule that sends a message to Slack whenever a comment is added to a project, a message like, “A comment has been added to this project.”

That is laughably bad. We want the COMMENTS THEMSELVES TO BE SENT TO SLACK.

Why would you close a huge thread full of meaningful feedback when you knew that this new feature didn’t even address it? More importantly, WHY does the new feature not address this?

If I had to guess, it’s because Asana feels competitive with Slack and doesn’t want its users spending more time reading comments in Slack than Asana. So it has chosen to make its app less useful and harm users, including users who have pre-existing workflows based on this.

I don’t get it. Asana continues to cast itself as one of the worst product companies in history. So many basic features have been broken, banished, or never existed in the first place. The product management is horrendous and needs to be addressed.

Anyway, thanks again!

Hi @Benzo, thanks for taking taking the time to share your feedback with us. I completely understand where you’re coming from and apologies for any confusion here. As it stands, it’s currently not possible to see the Asana comments themselves in Slack. However, you can setup a rule to be notified in Slack when new comments are added to the linked project. While I can’t promise if or when this functionality will be added in the near future, I’ve gone ahead and re-open the thread and updated tile to make it more specific to the request.

We’ll also make sure to keep you posted if we have any updates to implement this option in the future!

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