Automatically Add Tags with Rules feature

Hi Asana team,

This is very basic automation functionality that, very strangely, is still missing.

My only assumption is that you don’t want to step on Flowsana’s toes. However, we’re not going to pay a third party $3 to $4 per user per month so we can get the ability to update tags using rules. We’re not going to pay extra money in addition to our Enterprise licenses for functionality that should be there.

Please add this very basic functionality to your rules editor. Quite frankly, this was a shocking exclusion.

Thank you.

As Flowsana’s creator I wish I could say that this is the case but I don’t think it is. :grin:

It’s really more that tags are a very old feature of Asana and Asana seems to have made a decision not to give them much love and attention. Some people think they will go away completely at some point; personally I don’t at all believe they will, but I do think they won’t see much in the way of additional development/features.

I agree with Phil. It is a mix of “almost no one is using tags”, “almost no one is asking for this feature” and “Flowsana does a great job at it” ^^

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Makes sense. I’m assuming most people use Custom fields in place of tags in a lot of cases.

The allure of the tags is just that they exist in all projects, and the custom fields don’t have to be brought in to tag very simple things. I just don’t want there to have to be another custom field that has to be added to a bunch of projects to get desired automations.

Thanks for the feedback!


While I generally share your view that features should be consistently supported across the product surfaces (a reasonable expectation), Asana seems to often favor design principles of minimalism and simplicity which can lead to ease of use overall (and frustration for some of us!).

I suspect Asana would steer you toward using Bundles more since you’re on Enterprise which offers them.



Well, bundles would still need to get added to all the projects that currently exist. New projects we mostly create from templates, so it wouldn’t be too much of an issue going forward. Still, I don’t see how a custom field is minimalistic and simple compared to tags.

In any case, my vote still stands in the hope they’ll consider it some day!


That’s true about bundles.

But I didn’t mean tags were not simple, just that if Asana implemented more rule triggers, more rule actions, and lots of others’ requests for other features, Asana’s usability would be hindered. (And I wasn’t trying to change your mind, just potentially explain why we haven’t seen that feature.)