Apply Rules to Team or Account

HI team,

I’m someone who would love rules to apply to the team I work with. I want all new projects (especially if it’s one that we create from scratch) to have the work automatically created in Asana without having to purchase a third-party tool. Since it already applies to projects and templates, can’t we have it apply to a team?

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Would a rule library help as well?
If so have a look and upvote here

You can also add rules to template projects so when you create new projects from the template the rules are there already.

Upvote for team based rules. Being able to have a rule that applies to every task in every project created on that team would make our process so much more efficient. Rules in templates don’t really help because we still have to create the rule for each template. Because we “duplicate” a lot of templates for new clients, the rules have to be changed for each subsequent template and then they don’t apply to the existing tasks. So frustrating. If you could at least apply rules to existing tasks, it would be slightly less annoying.