Copying Rules

Is there a way to copy rules from one project to another?


Hi @Julian_C_Gomez :wave:

That is a great question! As it stands, it is no possible to copy rules from one existing project to another but you could add your rules to a Custom Template and use it to create new automated Projects.
You can learn more about it in this handy article:

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question Julian! Have a great Friday!

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Hello! Is there a way to set up a rule for a template project, so that each time a project is created on the basis of the template, the rule is copied with it?

Hi @Natalia_Klimina-Schu and welcome to the forum!

As, um, “the other Natalia” mentioned above, this should work - rules attached to a template are included in projects created from that template. Are you not getting that behavior?

Instead of Copying rules, is there talk of making it so you can Save rules to quickly grab them when in other projects? I have quite a few rules I use across many projects - not all of them using my project template. Would be nice to not have to reset them up each time. I will look into adding rules to one of the templates I currently have to use in the future.

Great ideas here:

Hi! Yes, that’s right - this doesn’t work for me when tested. I’ve tried setting up a rule in a template project several times. The rule is not conveyed when template is used to create a new project. What can be the reason behind this?

@Natalia_Klimina-Schu, no idea why that’s not working for you. @Natalia or @Marie, should she file a support ticket?

Hey Natalia - this is a good way, if you have just a few projects, but I manage 70 projects in 1 team.