Allow Rules for Subtasks

When you create a rule (or any workflow) in the Flowsana web portal, at the bottom of the create screen is this dropdown that lets you tell Flowsana whether to apply it to subtasks:


Not currently possible with Flowsana, and I don’t know of any other apps that allow for that level of logical complexity. Like Asana, Flowsana’s rules act on the task that triggers the rule and don’t have the additional logic built in to check related tasks (in this case, all subtasks).

We use subtasks for approvals in our organization, and we are running into issues with not being able to create automation rules that use subtasks as triggers. What I would love to see included as a feature in Asana is when a subtask is approved it could be used as a trigger in an automation rule to send a comment on the main task or change a custom field of the main task.

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Hi @Emily_Roman has there been any progress on this? I would like to create a rule that automatically assigns someone to a sub task


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What about specific subtasks, for example, if we want to move a task from one section to another when the “Review” subtask is complete?

Hi - no, as mentioned in your other thread, this isn’t currently available in Asana or Flowsana, sorry.

It appears that this feature is now available in Asana. THANK YOU!! I’m not sure if there is a way to make that more visible on this thread but that would be great, since I know this has been a long awaited feature. Also not sure what the communication capabilities are but it would be great to get a notification or announcement on this thread when the new features are implemented.

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 9.41.27 AM

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@Daniele_M – Thank you for this update. I just checked to see if I have the same option, but I’m not seeing it. Can you share more of how you’re accessing this?

Our org is on the Business-level account. Are you on the same account level?

When you are creating a rule at the right upper corner it shows.

Very exciting!

Seems like it’s still on it’s way - I can see this in 1 of 3 orgs I have access to, which happens to be on Premium. However, for the two other orgs which are on Business don’t have this feature yet.


Rules for Subtasks Feature is what we have been waiting for!
Really looking forward to more advanced rule settings in Asana :).

So far, I see that for subtasks, we cannot put two major triggers yet:

  1. When the deadline is nearing
  2. When the task wasn’t completed by the deadline

Hopefully Asana allows these two options soon.

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@Sophie9 @Richard_Sather @Lisa_Marte @Rebecca_McGrath @Natalia Just noticed this feature added to my account. Going to test this out a bit but wondering if approvals are also treated as subtasks (similar to Flowsana)?

Specifically looking to add a rule that says when approval task is assigned to X person, add collaborator Y. Doesn’t seem to be possible in Flowsana as of yet

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Thank you for the update, @Richard_Sather. Good to know this is (hopefully) coming to Business and other account levels!

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Good point. I’ve also found that with sub-tasks, when assigned to a project, creates the sub task as a task itself and it makes the whole project view look messy and duplicates items on the list. It would be great it we could assign a subtask to a project without a need for anything changing so assignees know what they are working on and the relevance.

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Hi folks and apologies for the late follow-up here! We’re indeed working on implementing rules for subtasks. Right now, we’re only experimenting with it and we aren’t planning to roll it out until the beginning of next year.

@Daniele_M all product updates are announced ahead of the release in the private Ambassador Forum category (expect a full post later this week!). Once we officially begin the roll-out we will update and close out this feedback + make an official announcement in News.

I hope this helps, stay tuned for more updates!


Thanks @Marie ! Good to know!

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Wondering how you could see it in a Premium org when those don’t have access to the Asana rule builder?

Hi @Phil_Seeman
In the Premium org, I can see this in the rule settings for the basic preset rules that are offered (such as ‘move to section’)

@jeremyw by the way, I can now see this new ‘Runs on task & subtasks’ setting available in my other two Business orgs too! (I should say, ‘at least for the time being’ since some features come and go during A/B testing until official release)

Interesting. FWIW my understanding is when the feature is released next year, it’ll be Business/Enterprise only. We’ll see…

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Hi folks,

I’m excited to share that Rules for subtasks are now available! To learn all about it, check out this guide article. We look forward to hear your feedback :slight_smile:


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