Support Dependencies and the ability to multi-home task in "Add Subtasks" Rule

So glad to see multi-select field support in forms and rules, rules for adding subtasks, and dependencies added to task templates!

I’m hoping the same features that are available in Task Templates can be implemented in rules-created subtasks, namely: dependencies, and the ability to multi-home the subtask in another project.

This will allow us to make full use of forms; when a client submits a request using a form, we will be able to automatically add our workflow as subtasks based on the requirements they select in the Multi-select field. If a client selects “editing” and “translation”, we will be able to automatically add an “edit” subtask and a “translate” subtask, where the translation is blocked until editing is complete. We multi-home our subtasks so that we can track workload for each step.

If this can be implemented, we can have our team’s workflow virtually 100% automated!


With the new added features for creating Rules, it would be great if dependencies were allowed under sub-tasks.

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Yeah correct currently rules don‘t work on subtasks
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For now you will be able to achieve this with Flowsana, have a look here: Subtask Dependencies - #21 by Phil_Seeman

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