Ability to have a compact mode on the new My Tasks view on mobile

Hello everyone,

Thanks again for sharing your feedback about the recent My Tasks redesign on mobile! As promised, here is an update and the next steps for this launch.

We have thoroughly analyzed the results of our test, and it’s evident that the updated version is providing significant value to our customers. However, we acknowledge that the increased density has posed some challenges to your mobile productivity.

Your frustrations have not gone unnoticed. In response, we are actively developing a Compact Mode for My Tasks on mobile. This option will restore the higher task density that you prefer from the previous version. We’re committed to delivering this solution, and we anticipate its launch in approximately one month.

Rest assured, our product team is closely monitoring this thread while working on further iterations for the new mobile My Tasks experience. We will keep you posted as we roll out the new compact mode. Thank you for your patience and valuable input!


Many thanks for the update, and provided the new Compact Mode returns the view to its previous level of “compactness” that sounds like a good solution.

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Thanks, @Emily_Roman and product team for listening and responding! Looking forward to this!


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Hi to all! My every day activity in Asana became so not exited and not enjoyable after December update that I decided to describe all thoughts how to fix it. I am sure dev team will return high level of usability to Asana in mobile. The article is not small, that’s why I created separate thread in the forum.

Please read it and share you ideas. Admins, please analysis it and reply.

Additionally here are my requests to improve usability or bug fix:

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Thx, we look forward for that.

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Very much looking forward to the addition of Compact Mode. This has seriously made me consider switching organizational apps.


Hi to support team. I have not seen any reply to my post above. If it is useful or I am wasting your(support team) and my time, please post feedback to clarify it.

Hello there, as announced on my previous comment, we are rolling out a new compact mode for My tasks! You can enable it from the overflow menu in the top right of My tasks, see more details in the screenshot below:

This option is currently available on the iOS app, and it will be available for Android users in a few weeks, stay tuned!

Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile: