different logic of values displaying Projects field in list view for project in iPhone and Web&laptop

Hi, there is different logic of displaying Projects field in list view for project tasks in iPhone and Web&laptop.
Here is “Task 1” and it belongs to “project A” and “project B”. Take a look at “project A” and Projects field in Laptop or Web, you can see other projects are in connection with “Task1” but without “project A”.

And It is good.
But in iPhone we see “project A” as value of the field and it is unnecessary and not comfortable for analysis.

Please, if it is possible to develop in iPhone the same logic as Web or Laptop?

Hi, please could anybody suggest how to inform iOS developers or dev. managers about the issue?

It might be not a bug but it’s about equivalence program logic in different platform iOS, Web, laptop’s Apps. If it works one way in Web, laptop’s Apps, please develop it the same way in iOS. Why we need to see “Project A” in field of list view (iOS) while we have just chousen “Project A” to work on, we need to see other projects (“Project B”) in field of list view (as it is in Web, laptop’s Apps).

I guess it’s minimum code correction for developer and it would be wonderful to see this in next update