(iOS, IPHONE) both Tags and Priority fields together in List view and in Board view

Hello to all!
please share your thoughts about free plan fields Tags and Priority (not custom field). For my personal purpose it’s enough, but only in case I can see and change values from List view in iphone (ios). Unfortunatly I could not find Tags field in List view, only Priority field was found. If i turned into Board view there would be vice-versa (there was not Priority field in Board view, only Tags field was)

Could you give me an advice how to setup List view to make visible Priority and Tags fields in one screen (iPhone)?

and how can I make the same result for Board view?

To ensure both Priority and Tags fields are visible in both List and Board views on your iPhone task management app, Official Site access the settings for each view and enable the display of these fields. Customize the layout to include Priority and Tags fields in both views for seamless task management on your iPhone.