Tags/Fields in List View???


Our project uses tags extensively, and we find them incredibly valuable for getting an overview of what diciplines are represented in a given sprint.

You used to be able to see tags in list view by clicking [Fields] near the Filter/Sort/Hide buttons, but Fields is no longer a button you can click.

I poked around the documentation and saw that you recommend using Custom Fields over tags, but when I tried adding a Multi-Select Custom field to act as a tag stand in, I noticed it was missing some critical features like being able to select the field by starting to type its name and hitting enter. Being able to press TAB + T to quickly tag a bunch of tasks is also really helpful. Custom Fields has none of that.

Could you please add tags back to the list view? :frowning: Or tell me how to enable them if it has moved somewhere new?

Many thanks,

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Hi @Erik_Rydeman, if you click the ‘Hide’ button you should find ‘Tags’ from the dropdown menu where you can enable it.

The ‘Fields’ button you mentioned was also called ‘Show’ at some point, which would have made more sense in your case, but it seems Asana has decided on ‘Hide’. :person_shrugging:

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Wohooo! You’re a lifesaver Richard. I guess that’s somewhat intuitive to newer users, but the change got me confused. Thanks!

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No, IMO it’s not intuitive to anybody!

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Yesss thanks so much, Richard. I was having the same issue.

Hi @Jana_Barrett , welcome to the forum :wave:

Happy to help! :smiley: