My Tasks

I am getting more aggressive with the use of tags and priorities for all tasks in my team.
Yet, when a user looks at their “My Tasks”, they don’t see any tages, priority or custom fields.
Is there a change to this view, that I can make so my team sees this?


Hi @Amanda_Holt1!

This is a great question and a popular request in the forum. It’s not yet possible to see custom fields in My Tasks section. I’d recommend you adding your vote in the existing thread in our Product Feedback category thread here.

I hopee this helps. Have a nice day!


Thank you very much for your help.

I expect the same to be true in reports.

Is that why I can’t see my custom fields in an advanced view for reports?

I can see tags, so how could I use tags in lieu of custom fields so they are visible?


You can see custom field columns in advanced search reports. In the advanced search dialog, use the + Add filter v menu > Add Custom Field option to add them.

Similarly, there’s a Tags menu item in that menu too.

Re My Tasks, though the custom fields are not visible in the list, just want to make sure you know if they click a task, then the custom fields for that one task will show in the right Task Details pane.

Hope that helps,