Sharing "My Tasks" - How do I add more Fields?

To me, “My Tasks” displays a number of fields: Projects, Task Status, Tags, and Due Date. When I share “My Tasks” with other Team members, they do not see all the fields. They only see Projects, Tags, and Due Dates. I have tried this with multiple people and I still cannot get it to display the Task Status.

Can anyone tell me how to display other fields when sharing “My Tasks” with other team members? Thank you!

Hi @Alyssa_Schultz , welcome to the forum :wave:

Can you check whether your custom field is added to the library? Edit the field and in the modal, make sure the first checkbox is checked ‘Add to your company’s field library’. You can also check this article here. If you do that, then your field should appear for others and you can also add it to other projects and Portfolios if you want, without having to recreate it. The same applies to your colleagues who can also add this field to their My Tasks so they can see the same values that you set in your My tasks.

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