task filter for Priority field does not work for Iphone but works fine for MacBook app in free plan

Hi, I am implementing Asana for my son for his school activity. Free plan functionality is good for him and we are testing it. Mac laptop app works fine for filtering tasks via Priority field (My tasks list view). But this function does not work in iPhone and my son needs it very much cause iPhone is main tool for him. There is blank result of filter with message “This couldn’t be loaded” on iPhone.
Is it possible that because of free pay plan the same function works on Laptop and does not works on Iphone? If I turn on trial period the issue disappears. Func gaps between laptop and Iphone verstion because of free plan looks not logical for me
Or Did I miss something in setup?

I don’t think you missed anything. The Free plan doesn’t have custom fields, and the other day a client showed me they did, which really confused me. We ran test ourselves (@Julien_RENAUD @Arthur_BEGOU ) and confirmed Free doesn’t have custom fields… But your story says otherwise…

@ambforumleader calling out the big guns

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@Bastien_Siebman , the free/basic plan offers only one custom field called ‘Priority’ with High, Medium & Low which cannot be edited. This is like a teaser to upgrade to Premium.

📸 Expand for screenshots from a Basic Plan

Sorry, not sure what the issue is with iPhone; I have Android so can’t test it. :person_shrugging:
Actually I can’t edit any custom field on Android for the past few days as I reported here. I wonder if the same is happening for iPhone users?


My guess is that the mobile app is not up to date with this decision to have a field available on Free plan.

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“I wonder if the same is happening for iPhone users?” - Hi, I tested a week ago on premium trial plan, I could edit values of a lot of field.

“This is like a teaser to upgrade to Premium.” - Yes, sure, one field Priority for teaser to upgrade… Any changes or add a new fields needs to move ups to premium plan. filter via Priority works good in laptop. It would be wise if filter works the same way in Iphone as in laptop, there would not be func gaps. maybe it happens because of different developers work on laptop and iPhone apps
Thank for your support!

Hi, it’s not only about iPhone app. laptop and web apps are both have got ability to use Priority field without any value changes. If you need more func for fields, system ask you to upgrade to premium plan.

Hi, if there is Priority field, it would be good to have filter via Priority field.
Please could anybody suggest how to inform iOS developers or dev. managers about the issue?

please close, now it works after update


Thanks for letting us know, @Ivan_S1 ! Glad to hear it’s working fine now :slight_smile: