fix task filter for Priority field does not work for Iphone but works fine for MacBook app in free plan

Hi, I am implementing Asana for my son for his school activity. Free plan functionality is good for him and we are testing it. Mac laptop app works fine for filtering tasks via Priority field (My tasks list view). But this function does not work in iPhone and my son needs it very much cause iPhone is main tool for him. There is blank result of filter with message “This couldn’t be loaded” on iPhone.
Is it possible that because of free pay plan the same function works on Laptop and does not works on Iphone? If I turn on trial period the issue disappears. Func gaps between laptop and Iphone verstion because of free plan looks not logical for me
Or Did I miss something in setup?

if there is Priority field, it would be good to have filter via Priority field.
Please could anybody suggest how to inform iOS developers or dev. managers about the issue?

Hello @Ivan_S1,

I’ve just tested this on my iOS device and it’s working fine, so if this was an issue at some point, it’s seems resolved now! Let us know if you continue running into issues.

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