Filter by tag and sort by priority

I’m trying to achieve very simple thing: sort tasks by a tag and filter them by priority.

Use case:
We have a project with iOS and Android tasks tags. Every task has own priority. iOS devs want to filter their tasks and then sort them to see High priority on top.

Advanced search has tag filter, but doesn’t have sorting by priority. Asana2Go won’t work with desktop app.

Is it even possible?

Hello @Leviosa, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:

How did you define the priorities? Via custom fields?

It might also be recommended to use custom fields to select between Android and iOS task as then you can create reports easily as well

Also does each dev team have a separate project set up with stages?
Then you could work with rules as well, depending on custom field selected it would be pushed into low prio, high prio etc stage (section)

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