Ability to sort tasks (alphabetically) by Tags

It would be useful to be able to sort your task list by Tags. Projects I have been on have used Asana as a bug database and one of the tags has been severity/priority. Being able to sort by tags would root out lower priority tasks. This would also be useful to sort out different departments tags (art, code, etc) for larger projects to more quickly quantify the department’s status.

The workaround for this seems less than ideal. Creating dummy accounts to assign to that would be associated with certain tags or assigning to various due dates that are specific to tags (preferably well in the future).

I completely agree – crazy this was suggested nearly three years ago now and there is no action on this simple add.

It would be very helpful to allow a sort in list view based on tag in a project. I have seen this posted before, years ago, but nothing has happened. This should require minimal dev work as most fields allow this option already. Please add!

Hi @Chase_Schaub and thank you so much for the feedback! We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve merged your post to consolidate all feedback in one place. I’ll make sure to keep you posted via this thread as soon as I have an update! Hope this helps!

Add the ability to sort tasks by tags.

I am not sure it would “make sense” because you can have multiple tags per task… How do you sort by a column having multiple values?

@Christina_Yates, You can do this in Asana2Go:

As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, it might not work as expected when multiple tags exist per task, but I decided to leave this feature in for the cases where it was useful to folks.


How did you decide to code it @lpb?

@Bastien_Siebman, The column just displays the tags array as retrieved from the API so it will sort based on the start of that–the first tag listed. But if anyone wanted, they can in seconds modify the format to create a column for each specific tag of interest and then they could sort on that specifically. Just duplicate the current tags column and apply {{stringContains STR VALUE}} to the existing {{tagsValues tags}}.


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