"This field is not editable" error message when changing custom fields on Android app

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: as per topic title

Steps to reproduce: In Android app, tap to input or change any custom field: error message pops up as per screen shot.
This has been happening for the past few days; I thought it was due to the Beta app that I have but I uninstalled and reinstalled the normal app, but problem still persists.
Also occurs in more than one Asana instance, Premium, Business, Phoenix demo etc.

Browser version: Latest Android app and Beta app, 7.45.3, 28th April

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Premium & Business accounts

Upload screenshots below:

Interesting that the message mentions a formula field. Should I get excited?! :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Richard_Sather, thanks for flagging this! I can see that this has already been reported to our Mobile team for investigation, so once I have any updates I’ll post here. I haven’t received any information about a potential formula field yet, but let’s hope it’s coming! :laughing:

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Thanks @Vanessa_N !

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Hi @Vanessa_N , just curious, are any iPhone users reporting similar issues?

Hi @Richard_Sather, I haven’t seen any reports from iOS users yet. It seems to be affecting our Android app only. But we are keeping an eye out in case there are reports.

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Hi @Richard_Sather ! Just a quick note to let you know this issue will be fixed in the Asana Android app release 7.47. Let us know if you have any other questions or if the issue persists after updating the app!

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Hi @Emily_Roman , thanks for the update, it seems to be working fine now!

However, I can’t input/edit estimated or actual hour fields, but I guess this is still expected behaviour…?

Thanks for letting me know, @Richard_Sather ! I’m confirming with our team and will get back to you soon!

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Our product team confirmed this is expected behaviour, @Richard_Sather ! These fields can only be edited on web.


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