What are all limitations of the Personal Plan (formerly known as the Basic plan)?

Good evening,
I want to know what the current limitations of the Personal Plan are to decide if this is the correct plan for my small start up organization (currently 3 people and potentially 4 by EOY).

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Collective_Impulse , welcome to the forum :wave:

The changes between the legacy Basic plan compared to the new Personal plan is basically a reduction on the limit of users as you can see in this post:

Otherwise, for a full list of features (or lack of) have a look at Asana’s pricing page. Scroll down and click on compare all plans.

Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for your comment. Besides the limited amount of users (from 15 to 10) and the fact that I couldn’t invite guests (which I can live with out), is there a limit on the amount of tasks or boards I could create with the Personal Plan?


No there is no limit for that, as you can see on the pricing page, in the link I provided above.

However, you will not be able to set any projects to private.

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