Free users - 10 or 15

Hi - I am a little confused after reading on here. The comparison chart says 10 users on the free version, but on the message board it says 15 a lot.

Could someone explain to me what that means? Basically, I am an ID team of 2 people, but we’d like our manager and some SMEs to be able to have access to the team Asana projects.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @anon13777795 , welcome to the forum :wave:

What do you mean by ‘reading on here’? Could you provide links to the sources you are referring to?

Asana recently changed their pricing tiers and their names; the free plan was called ‘Basic’ and now it is referred to as ‘Personal’. The maximum amount of users on a Basic plan was 15, but on the Personal tier it is now down to 10.

You could have a look a this this post here for more details and references:

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Thank you. I just meant reading in the community posts.

You just answered my question though about the number of people.

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