Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

No, it’s not, sorry.

=( ok…, thanks.

It is amazing that this has not been added. There are soooooooo many people NEEDING it. It is one of the reasons that I went with another tool. I had hoped you would have added this by now.

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We have immediate needs for this functionality! When will it be available?

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+1 on this. The note on the side says the topic has been solved, but it has not. There really needs to be a consolidated “my tasks” that pulls in from every organization. Otherwise there will continue to be missed deadlines, difficulty prioritizing, duplication of effort, and hair pulled out in frustration. Surely Asana doesn’t want to be responsible for a hair loss epidemic?

Asana’s mission is to enable the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.

Gotta solve this one to fulfill your mission.


Two words: Five. Years.


I need this feature ASAP!

I too would love to see this update.

I would love this update too - I work across several workspaces and I have to have different tabs open to be efficient, but I am constantly switching back and forth. As more people use Asana and companies collaborate with one another, it would make sense, in my mind, to be able to have a consolidated view of the projects you are part on across workspaces and, of course, a consolidated “my tasks” view. Is this feature in the works? I am sure many people would love to have it!

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Chiming in just to say that as a person with ADHD, I rely heavily on my to-do list app to help me stay on top of my work. I am a freelancer with multiple clients who have all added me to their respective Asana accounts. I’m dropping the ball constantly because I never remember to check each different organization account. It is onerous (and increases the potential for mistakes) to duplicate all of these tasks into my personal Asana, then remember to go back to the other organizational account and mark it as done.

This is an accessibility issue for your users who have any type of disability like ADHD. I’m pretty shocked that this thread was started in 2017 and we are in 2022 with no action.

p.s. tried Taco and its not at all a great solution-- you lose ALL of the features you use Asana for in the first place.

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Thanks for posting this Kelly. I have ADHD, too, and in the same predicament with dropping the ball. It’s terrible.

Asana has so many incredible features - the Home and Inbox being just a couple. But, having said that, I can’t understand why a centralize command center that allows you to see all Workspaces wasn’t a main feature from the get go is stunning to me and for me and a lot of other business owners I know is a key reason why I wouldn’t be able to switch to using Asana. For anyone who’s using Asana in a robust way and not just a product for one or two projects I don’t see how anyone could use Asana WITHOUT having multiple Workspaces.
When can we expect this as a key feature? It seems like it’s the one thing Asana is missing to really be in line with key project management software players in the industry.

Hi Rebecca, any updates on if this feature will be available? I’m considering migrating from, but this lack of an overview feature is hard to get past (I work across different workspaces with each client). Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Hey Asana Team! please add this feature.

Another upvote for this feature, it will make asana truly collaborative.

Another upvote here!!

I found this thread because I thought I was missing something… how can this feature not exist?! I don’t want to toggle between workspaces. You know what happens when I have to toggle, I pull out a notepad and write everything down so it’s in one place and don’t use ASANA.

ASANA is a great tool, in a world that’s gone remote why on earth wouldn’t having a central workspace be a basic feature.

Uggg I thought ASANA was going to be an all in one solution for me, but I guess I’ll keep looking.


Seriously Asana, why? Why is this not a standard feature?

Workspace architecture is probably the first and the most important step of productivity app development…I would understand it if it was a premium feature, but not to have it at all …? Is it really so rare to have multiple businesses or projects? The only reason I really need a project management tool is that I have too much going on, hence ‘‘the need to see and organise everything I do in one place.’’

At least we’d get a reasonable explanation, update on the progress, or a definite answer that it will never be available on Asana. (which is pretty sad)

I genuinely can’t believe I have scrolled through 5 years of comments just to end up feeling frustrated. After all the excitement… I really thought I found a perfect, ultra-clean, fast and user-friendly project management tool…


Please, Asana – PLEASE make this happen. For your biggest users, who use multiple organizations/systems, this is a MUST.


Please introduce this feature - 5 years is far too long to wait for a response.

We should be able to view tasks from different workspaces in one location. When working across multiple workspaces/organisations


What other tool did you ultimately go with?