Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

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I manage 10 plus workspaces and am having to constantly check and update multiple asana workspaces, the double handling is ridiculous and now my team are complaining due to the overhead. Would love for this to be fast tracked as it would have a high efficiency impact on a daily basis


Hey Asana Team! Any news on this topic after 4 years? :grinning::v:


Asana, please add this feature! I recently switched to Asana from Microsoft Teams and might have to switch back since you guys can’t provide us a simple view of tasks across workspaces.
Seems like no-brainer feature and a big deal to anyone that works with more than one workspace, why wouldn’t you guys fast-track this?

Hi! I cannot find this feature. Has it changed since this was posted? It would be very helpful indeed as a get around. Thanks.

Yes please! This would be an amazing feature for freelancers! :pray:

4 years and still no progress? So rather think about another tool. It’s sad, just sad.



First of all… absolutely looooooove your product!

I have a need. As I’m using Asana more and more I also get more and more Asana accounts with different “My Tasks”. As of now, I must switch between the Asana spaces and I’m “losing” an overview of how to prioritize in between different org/project contexts.

Would it be possible / have you planned on your roadmap to somehow synthesize all accounts into one Asana identity, so we users could get the overview over all the different Asana Organisations, projects, and tasks in “one account” instead of splitting out over three or more “accounts”? This way I could get an overview of all my asana tasks in all the different Asana Orgs so I could prioritize them accordingly :slight_smile:

Take Facebook as an example. I have one FB identity and can choose to subscribe to different groups and pages I would like to follow instead of having one FB identity per group/page :smiley: .

Do I describe this issue well / Does it makes sense? :smiley:

Hi @anon41008598, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! This is a very popular request and we do have an existing thread for this in the #productfeedback category already. I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback, I hope you don’t mind!

I’ll keep you posted and let you know in the main thread if we have any updates :slight_smile:

thank you!

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I voted! Seriously, this is a much needed feature for paid members who recommend this product to our clients - think of it as an “Agency Model” or version - but it should definitely be a paid option to have an overview of all organizations that you are a member of and a combined “my tasks” area.

Thank you!


For consultants, the lack of integration is challenging. If I host a project, my client has to check a separate Asana tab every day. They are not going to do that. If they host it, then I can’t integrate the tasks with all my other tasks. I work with clients for years, so it’s not a temporary thing. I really wish there was a way to synchronize tasks! I was surveyed recently about how likely I’d be to recommend Asana, and I think I had 9 out of 10. However, this is a use case where it would be so natural to recommend it to the businesses I work with, but I can’t! Mostly, Asana is great, but for collaborating between organizations, it’s lacking.


So, it is possible to link “identities” (email addresses) so that all your email addresses used in different workspace organisations are one “account” that you log in to. You can follow the instructions here: to do this.

However, the aspect of seeing everything in one place (e.g. all tasks assigned to you, across all workspaces), is what Asana is missing. Likely you were asking about this aspect also.

I cannot believe that this is still not a “thing”.

All we need is a “User Home” that can display “Home”, “My tasks” and “Inbox” for all our workspaces.

Filter-wise, from existing functionality, the devs are only removing the workspace where clause, add having the data filtered by the user. So it should not be a difficult item to add.


Hi @Steve_Roberts and welcome to the forum,

Important note: This is not at all meant as a negative comment toward you personally! This is a good example, though, of how people sometimes make technological assumptions about Asana’s capability to effect some app change without knowing all of the underlying technology. In this case, while I also definitely don’t know all of the details, I do know that it’s not as simple as you’re thinking given the realities of Asana’s data stores being spread across multiple locations globally; having to account for GDPR, CPRA and CCPA; generally having to support millions of users and workspaces; and, odds are, some other factors that I’m not even aware of!


I honestly can’t believe this isn’t a feature. I was about to move all our org’s tasks to Asana (for a team of 10) so I can see my personal tasks and agency tasks in one place–and we’ve recommended some of our clients move to Asana as we were preparing for the move. Without one central place to see tasks, I’m not sure I get the point.

Do other platforms, like, allow a unified view?

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This is still something that’s desperately needed, I’m really surprised this functionality still doesn’t exist.


I really like the idea of 1 main ‘my tasks’ for all the multiple workspaces

Currently I use one workspace with my personal tasks and business as a separate teams. It’s not ideal.


I agree. If my client is currently using Asana, then I belong to a new org and those tasks do not show up on my view. my renewal to Monday is up in march and I’m starting to move projects over (and clients), but this is going to cause issues.

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This would be really helpful - I’m a Virtual Assistant and each client is set up as a different workspace, so being able to see all my tasks for all clients in one space would be a very helpful feature :slight_smile:


Hi, is this feature already available?