Using "Home" > "Private notepad" widget for pinning tasks

This is collective knowledge at Japan community (タスクをPin止めしたい (How to pin tasks)) rather than my personal tip.

We sometimes want to pin or bookmark tasks for ourselves, such as:

  • A reference task that I frequently check
  • A frequently accessed task that needs a complicated Advanced Search to find it
  • An important task with a future due date (pushed down when sorting tasks by due dates)
  • A task that I want to check an hour later

I think the popular existing methods are:

  • Adding the page to browser bookmark
  • Creating a private project for multihoming tasks
  • Adding a private tag
  • Creating a private task to paste task links
  • Creating a follow-up task
  • Edit: Using a section “Reference” (thanks for the comment below)

Another nice way is to use Home tab’s “Private notepad” widget.

The benefits are:

  • We can simply paste the task URLs to display the task name, just like in task descriptions and comments
  • It’s the quickest place to access when we want to quickly record an idea – just one click or one Tab+H away
  • It’s the “base” page we visit after finishing working on a project/task. Once pinned, we can forget about the tasks and the Home tab works as a reminder when we are switching between tasks.

P.S. I hope the private note comes to mobile soon. If you agree, please upvote Private Notepad Widget on Mobile App?.


Nice idea ShunS! To use this widget :slight_smile: I haven’t tried it yet!

For a similar purpose I made a section in MyTasks called " :pushpin: Reference "
Here I add tasks for documents and links I often need to refer back to. Easily accessible.

Also, every project I create has a section called Reference, where I link to most used links and documents relevant to the specific project, also possible to add this in the overview page or project brief, but I prefer having everything accessible in one list view. Highly recommend! :slight_smile:


Nice; I do exactly the same things as you, in My Tasks and many projects, and suggest to clients!


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Thank you @AnneNynke! That’s a great idea to create the Reference section in every project.
When some projects have that section, while others not, it takes a mental load to decide the right place to store information related to each project. Thus I turned into using Home.