Private notes or tags on a shared task

I want to create private notes (only for me) on a task that I am following. I ahve a range of information that is helpful for me moving forward, but which I don’t want to share with the others who are following the task.

Is there a way to do this? Currently, all of my notes and task (such as “waiting for”) become public and part of the official task.

Are there best practices for such things?


Hi @Mark_Lewis, I don’t think you can do that directly in the task; anything there will be shared.

Alternative #1: Create a private task (perhaps in My Tasks) pointing at the shared task; this approach streamlines that procedure:

Alternative #2: Multi-home the task in a private project of yours:

Hope one of those might help!

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi


Thank you.
When I put the task into a private project, then put a custom field ONLY for that project, the “tag” still shows up on the main task.

However, the followup hack seems like a reasonable work-around. I have already used it 10 times!


Great about the follow-up hack!

Sorry about the multi-homing part–was bad advice on my part! (I use the multi-homing trick to keep tabs on a task, but wasn’t thinking clearly; that’s really all you can–the fact that it’s multi-homed to a private project remains private but, as you discovered, that’s all that remains private.)

Thanks for correcting…

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Hi @Mark_Lewis :wave:t3: I agree with @lpb here, I believe the best way to achieve what you’re looking for is to create a task in a private project or from your “My Tasks” and add your notes + reference the link to the task your notes are referring to!

Something I often do to keep short private notes for a task is to simply leave an unposted comment there.

Note that the unposted comment will not be available via the API, nor from the mobile app.


+1 for this as a feature request.

I often add links to email chains and would love to have that be a private field so my coworkers don’t have to see a bunch of confusion random links.