Best place to put private notes in project

When I have a project assigned to me and there are other collaborators,
what is the best way i can enter in my working notes that they don’t necessarily need to see but i need for working on the project.
Thank you!

Hi @Marsha_Samuels, thanks for reaching out!

If somebody has access to a project, then they have access to all tasks and conversations within that project. Having said that, if you create a task with your notes inside of the project, all project members will be able to see the task. Please find more information in this article.

If you want to create private notes, I’d recommend you creating a task in your My Tasks list. You can add a title indicating that the notes are for a specific project and add the project link in the task description. The task will be private to you.

I hope this helps!

Hi there,
Just to add a suggestion here, if I regularly need to take notes that I don’t want /need others in the project to see, I often create a proxy-project with a similar name to the main project, and work in there when I need to.

For example, my team have a project for our daily team meeting titled DAG, and I also have my own project called DAG - Tracking, which is where I make notes on whether we have stayed on time, if someone has been absent, if there is friction in the meeting, how many agenda points we had each day etc., which I then collate and share with the team at the end of the week to review how efficiently our daily syncs have been running.

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Thanks for sharing @Louise_Maxwell1! This is very helpful and it’s a great way to keep your notes organized so you don’t miss anything! :star2:

Thank you! Very helpful

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Thank you!

Very helpful!

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