Private notes/comments on tasks

I would love to be able to jot down “notes to self” within a task. Sometimes I just need to provide an update or reminder on an item I’m working on or will be circling back to, or feedback given during a live conversation, without it needing to be shared with the entire project team that also has access to it

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Welcome, @Stephanie67,

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

I voted; that would be nice.

Until/if that’s available, a hacky workaround is available:

  • Create a follow-up task (Shift-Tab-F) with your note as the title which creates a private task in My Tasks; optionally move that to your collapsed Later section in My Tasks
  • @mention that task (use autocomplete or paste the link) in the Description of the public task; this will appear to only you showing the full title text and be clickable, but for everyone else will appear as Private link.

Do test this to make sure it’s working before you start to deploy!



It would be nice if you could add comments that are only visible to you, i.e. internal reminders, notes, etc. so you don’t have to keep notes on an external source.

Welcome to the forum, @Erin_Hanson1 . I’ve merged your post with a similar topic. In the meantime, perhaps you could use the follow-up task feature of your inbox. It’s not a perfect solution, but it lets you create a private task that references the original. You can keep your notes their and maintain an easy link between them.