Let us turn a task into a "Sticky" that cannot be marked complete and is always on top of board view

How about giving us the ability to create a “sticky note” out of a task that always lives at the very top of the board view (or, as the first line item in List view). Obviously due date would probably be irrelevant, at least in all the cases I can think of. Also, Boldface Text for the title, to draw attention to it.

Sticky notes are extremely helpful when you have a project or project template that will be used by a lot of people.

For example, I have a custom form in one of my Project Templates that my team uses to request new paint color samples (manufacturing), so I have a task in that project template called “How do I request a paint sample”?

I also have a similar Task Template in that same project for job changes (ie, client changes mind on something and we have to bill for more “stuff”), so there’s a task called “How do I write a Change Order” and it instructs them how to use the Change Order task template.

We use these “How Do I…” or “Please don’t do such-n-such” tasks a lot, and occasionally they get marked complete by accident.

It would be great to be able to turn them into a non-actionable sticky, and also give the Project Owner the ability to turn off commenting on the sticky.


I agree that this would be helpful. Almost like a reference task.