Ability to Pin Tasks

I would love the ability to pin certain tasks to the top of the project/current list view so that they can be prominently visible and top of mind for as long as they are pinned. Thanks!


Current workaround is to have Section (the task that has title ending with colon) for the tasks you need pinned, you can even call it Pinned:.

Other option is to use project description for the purpose. Just copy/paste the tasks needed there, enter their URLs or use @mention to link them there.

The Section work around doesn’t solve the issue because as soon as you add a new task, it defaults to being above the first “pinned” task. It would be nice that tasks you need to update or touch daily could be pinned similar to comments within a task.



I’ve just come to request the same feature so am adding a vote to the most recent thread i can find. We use Asana a lot for managing our regular meeting agendas and actions, and it would be fantastic to be able to pin tasks as standing agenda items to the top of a project. It is already possible with comments.



I too would find the ability to pin certain tasks to the top of a column.
A tag for Priority is a work around but nothing beats “top of the list”


Hi, as a workaround, I am using a “pinned” tag for certain tasks and I place this tag in favorites.

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Kind of an old topic, but wanted to share a workaround that I use for my meeting agenda. I create a section for pinned topics and set the due date for the section to a much earlier date than any of the remaining topics. Then I sort the list by due date. Any newly pinned items should appear above the other list items, but below the section header. In my case, I have a “Meeting Planning” project which is private to me (since I am the one who sets the agenda), and then I have a public project called “Team Meetings”. When new items are added to the agenda, I add them to the private project and organize them and then I add the tasks to the public project. This allows me to arrange tasks in the private project and then make them public as necessary. If the due date option isn’t viable for you, you can also use special characters as a prefix to the section name (**Meeting Notes , *New Topics) and then sort alphabetically. Hope this helps someone, and please feel free to reply if you have a more straight-forward solution.

I agree that being able to pin a task to the top of a board would be useful. However, I think it is important that this is available in Kanban-style “board” view, rather than just list view. So I’m just posting to cast my vote to also have this available in Kanban/board view.

I don’t post frequently so please let me know if this should be a separate feature request. Thanks.

P.S.: I can’t figure out how to reply to a post rather than a person, so I’m hoping that replying to the OP will do the trick.


I would also like the ability to pin tasks and want to add my voice to this request


Adding my vote, I’m doing automation testing and having the list of tests pinned to the top of a section in a board as a task while the rest of the tasks are test logs that the team can review and comment on would be very helpful

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Hi there, adding my vote to this request. Pinning tasks/tickets to the top of a column/section in a project would be a huge bonus.

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Adding my vote, would love this feature!

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Depending on use, I sort tasks differently. However, it would be immensely helpful if I could pin one or two tasks so that they stay at the very top of the task list no matter how the tasks are sorted.

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Hi, It would be helpful if you could pin a task to the top of a column in the boards view. (SImilar to how you can pin a comment to the top.)



I don’t see the ability to like or vote on this one, so I’m adding my interest here!

I would also like to support this feature request. Please and thank you!

likewise here

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Yes, please!

For example: task request templates pinned to the top of a column for my editorial calendar, so that non-comms staff can more easily make requests.

Definitely a much needed feature. It would be perfect!

This would be very useful! Thanks!