Ability to Pin Tasks


I would love the ability to pin certain tasks to the top of the project/current list view so that they can be prominently visible and top of mind for as long as they are pinned. Thanks!

Pin tasks to top of project

Current workaround is to have Section (the task that has title ending with colon) for the tasks you need pinned, you can even call it Pinned:.

Other option is to use project description for the purpose. Just copy/paste the tasks needed there, enter their URLs or use @mention to link them there.


The Section work around doesn’t solve the issue because as soon as you add a new task, it defaults to being above the first “pinned” task. It would be nice that tasks you need to update or touch daily could be pinned similar to comments within a task.



I’ve just come to request the same feature so am adding a vote to the most recent thread i can find. We use Asana a lot for managing our regular meeting agendas and actions, and it would be fantastic to be able to pin tasks as standing agenda items to the top of a project. It is already possible with comments.



I too would find the ability to pin certain tasks to the top of a column.
A tag for Priority is a work around but nothing beats “top of the list”