Applying templates to tasks while moving projects

Hello. We have separate projects for each team in our group. The first team’s project has tasks that do not have templates (they need the flexibility). The first team can add tasks to the second team’s projects either manually, or by moving a task from the first team project to the second team project. When moving a task from one board to the next, we would like to apply a template. Specifically, we would like to paste a bunch of text (instructions) BELOW the already existing text in the “Description” text box. Is this possible?

This is not currently possible. The only thing you can is add subtasks at the moment.

A “workaround” I use to this is to create a “READ ME” subtask.

You can always copy and paste that info into the parent task if necessary.

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Or you can use rule to add a comment with the information you want to append. And optionally pin that comment later (unfortunately, pinning cannot be done using rules)