Undo actions

I can’t locate the “Show Recents and more…” that Ashley mentions, can anyone guide me on how to make it appear? Maybe it’s hidden in my navigation, but my left-hand nav only includes: Home, my tasks, inbox, reporting, portfolio, goals…

I just multi-selected a bunch of tasks to move them on the timeline. Somehow I managed to move them out of their respective sections. And there is no undo command, so now I have to spend HOURS going back through and re-homing those tasks where they belonged. It is disheartening to see that this post has been open for years now, and still no command-Z option.

how can I undo all changes made to a project say for the last 3 days?

I want to undo ALL changes (including completed tasks, task date changes, addition of new tasks, etc) to a specific date (and time), because one of the team members has made many few errors. how do i do this?

How is there still no undo button or version history? Do the people at Asana use their own tool to manage projects, because I’m not understanding how this basic functionality could be overlooked and then ignore since 2016. For reference, it’s 2022, y’all. 6 years. It’s almost 2023; there will still be a need to undo errors then, that need will never go away.


It’s annoying I agree. I just came here looking for something after I inadvertently deleted the description from the wrong task!

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Please add an undo command (Ctrl-Z) AND a command version history. A checkout or version control of a project would be a BIG plus!

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Sort of insane that Asana does not have a “normal” undo function that everyone expects. Customer Obsession! Please prioritize. thank you!

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Hoping that additional requests for an undo feature as robust as CTRL + Z will help that request actually get fulfilled. Please! It’s much needed!

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In all view modes, it would be useful to be able to “undo” multiple edits. The current behavior is the pop-up just to “undo” the single last edit.


please god add an undo (ctrl+z) filter. It’s insane you dont have it already. makes me way too nervous to use this as the only place I store tasks and notes


Reupping my interest in this. I just wrote out a long feature request then pressed “c” instead of “control+c” and now it’s lost.

Please consider adding an undo - typo - text description. Using Asana for purposes like note taking, can accidentally delete an entire session when trying to correct text and all will be lost with no trace…

a tool without history or revert is a pure April Fool’s joke