Undo actions

I think its not a good user experience that the undo button disappears after 10 seconds. We have to consider the users who are not that quick to move their mouse around.

Bottomline, the lack of core shortcut keystroke Ctrl + Z support as a universal undo action is quite disappointing. I am shocked that a core user experience feature like this is currently missing in Asana.

I would like to have “undo” and “redo” buttons.

I made a similar suggestion on a Japanese forum.

When you delete a task, you will see this screen.

Also, it seems that you can find deleted items in the search.

Does that mean there is a “Trash” folder somewhere?

Not being able to undo has made me decide NOT to pay for this software. This is WWWWAYYYYY too important! Do better Asana. This shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

How has this been an open ticket since 2016?? Please prioritize this, Asana! As a cross-functional tool with many folks with a steep learning curve, a simple undo would be a really wise thing to include.

This appears to have been brought up several times over the years but I don’t think it’s resolved…Is there a way to undo the last action? It’s quite easy to lose your a task once the date is deleted because if I’m defaulted to sort by date, the task will disappear and resort itself even if I’m not done editing the task in list view.

Also let’s say I deleted the date but didn’t mean to, and I don’t recall what the original assigned date was. It’d be handy to have a quick Ctrl-Z or undo function.

This deleted items folder no longer exists, correct? I s

@Geraldine_Chen You can locate deleted tasks via advanced search though

Unless I’m missing something glaringly obvious in Asana, an “Undo” feature that affects any action in Asana beyond restoring a deleted item would be incredibly useful.

In my use case, I have many MANY Rules set up that are triggered upon actions made to an Approval task. I am finding that a number of users are accidentally or prematurely selecting one of the approval actions, which immediately triggers a Rule. Some of these rules will automatically update custom fields, dates, assignees, move/add to other projects etc etc - and I cannot for the life of me find a simple way to revert that action to the state before the action was made on the task.

As a result, when this happens, I generally have to jump in to manually reset the task fields to the state it was in before the action was made. This is very tedious, as you might imagine.

If there’s any workarounds in the meantime that could be suggested, I’d be all ears. Since I am a single person responsible for building our Asana pipeline, with over 30 users actively using it everyday, I have some big concerns about the time required of me to reset tasks every time a user mistakenly clicks the wrong thing.

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