Undo actions



Is there a way to undo your last action? ie. undo task creation


We do have an undo button for several actions taken within Asana (mostly after deletions) where an undo box will appear in the bottom left corner of Asana for around 10 seconds. It will enable you to undo the last action you took.

For task creations in particular, we don’t have the undo box appear because you can always easily delete a task in several ways: https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/actions#gl-delete-tasks


The “undo” action needs to be more robust. Currently, if I accidently delete text within an pre-existing task, subtask, or description, that information is just gone. I can retype it, but valuable information may be lost…not to mention time.

I’m a habitual Ctr-Z user. Not being able to utilize that function in Asana is a major negative.


It would actually be really nice to be able to view the “revision history” of any given task, and actually revert back to a previous iteration if desired (ala Google Docs). Any chance that could be possible?


I would definitely like to see a more robust “undo” feature as well. I’ve found myself accidentally moving or deleting tasks and not knowing how to undo and needing to guess what I did or where I moved something to or from. Perhaps simply an “undo” and “redo” button somewhere.


Please fix this. You can do it in Trello, going back in history and undo.

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Just figured out how to do this as I mistakenly deleted a task while reorganizing a bit.
In the left-hand nav, you’ll see “Show Recents and more…”, click that link and it will drop down into a submenu. In my case, I needed to “undelete” a task. So I went to “Deleted Items” and found my deleted task.

It looks like you can also see recent changes to projects, tasks, and more there. Hope that helps.


Agreed. I’m a new user and bumping my way around just costed me a task, plus 3 subtasks. Bummer. Just add Ctr-Z and all will be forgiven.


Great workaround- I just don’t understand why the Asana Team didn’t suggest this? Thanks very much, you just saved me hours of work!!


Has anyone has dived into the Asana API documentation and figured out how to append a query string into the browser address bar or something? Please share.


Why isn’t this mentioned!!! It was like… SUPER easy!!! My heart rate and blood pressure thanks you!


Thanks, you saved me!


I agree. I’ve just delete a task accidentally. And now I can’t find it anymore.


I agree!


I just accidentally deleted a comment. I think it should either show a confirmation when deleting comments or allow “Undo” for at least 10 seconds. I immediately realized my mistake and started to frantically look around for Undo which sadly I didn’t find. Now I have to try rebuild the comment from memory.


I just had the same situation. :frowning:


Yup. I just accidentally bulk edited the wrong Custom Field. Had to go back through the whole list individually check the editing notes to revert the change.:weary:


Depends on how you’re sending the request. Usually you can add parameters using the & operator.


I can confirm that the Comment Undo is now available. I deleted a comment and immediately saw a pop-up allowing me the option to undo. I did it and the comment was restored.

Thanks Asana Team!!


Hi there - what happens if I accidentally marked a whole bunch of tasks complete but didn’t mean to? is there a way to undo this - I missed the 10 second undo window that came up?