Undo actions

Rebecca, I’m a new user in Asana and mis-typed/deleted a task description; then, hit cntrl-Z and nothing happened;

After finding this thread, I’m shocked and sorely disappointed that something so ‘standard’ to all end-user apps is not yet built out for Anana. It appears that this has been an issue for years. Please push for this basic function to be prioritized!

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I just marked a task “Completed” but i know that it wasn’t the task I intended. because the one i intended to mark “Completed” is still open. is there truly no way to see what I completed?

Hello @Mendy_Bochner and welcome to the Asana forum :wave:

If you know which project the task was under you can go go to the top right where you can see this


Then you can click on it and show all tasks or only completed tasks for example.

And you can also use advanced search, filter tasks assigned to you and recently marked complete.


Hope that helps :smiley:

Yes, it opened up a WORLD! :slight_smile:

CTRL + Z is the one and only the solution. Wanted to change the due date of one task. Accidentally, marked all tasks in the project and changed all dates… Need to change each one by one back to the previous dates…

The inability to have an undo history for deletions is a massive gap in Asana. I just deleted a couple of tasks, thinking I was in a similar project. Now all the planning work done in their sub-tasks is gone permanently. The inability to have an undo history for deleted tasks means that I will not longer be using Asana, and I will be recommending to my peers that they abandoned this tool as un-ready for serious use.

An more robust undo feature is a current gap such as with text, accidental date changes, etc…