Turning Shopify orders into Asana Tasks (Zapier)

Hello Asana Community!

Looking to build a quick Zap that will auto populate Orders from Shopify into Asana tasks within a project > Section.

I thought it would be nice and easy to build on Zapier however, I’m getting this error from the Asana > Tasks portion of the build. See below error:

What happened:
Executing creates.task_section.operation.perform with bundle
{“message”:“task: Not a recognized ID: 1041”}

Console logs:
` as error, which we cannot read.

Also open to other routes - need this flowing into Asana by itself though first off!

Hi @Kortland_Hucks and welcome to the forum,

Where did the value of 1041 come from? Please show us the detail of the zap. Thanks!

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Hi @Phil_Seeman thanks for the welcome and prompt reply!

The value 1041 is an order number Zapier must have pulled from Shopify.

Update: Is this because we don’t have Shopify flow?

Were you able to find any info on this?

This was resolved by first triggering a blank task then essentially triggers inbound orders from Shopify to attach order info to the task.

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