Zapier Integration: Task Name 'no data'

In creating my first zaps to integrate Asana and Clockify, I am running into an error I don’t know how to fix. I want to use the task name in Asana in the new task in Clockify.

It looks like Zapier can find the task in Asana that I have tagged; it pulls the correct task ID. Zapier does not find the task name. How do I fix this?

Asana recently moved from numbered id to string ids, maybe Clockify did not update their code. @Phil_Seeman what do you think?

I’m really not sure but I don’t think so - since this is Zapier playing middleman, the Clockify “create new task” Zap is not going to know or care anything about Asana. It’s just going to create a new task based on the fields that Zapier is sending to it - and in this case, one of the fields, task name, is blank.

@Dani_Derringer_Zhang, how do you know that? (I don’t see that from your screenshot.) If I had to guess, I would guess that Zapier is NOT reading the task from Asana which is why it can’t supply a task name. But I’m just guessing with the evidence at hand…

Great question. I didn’t capture that in the screenshot. When I set the Zap to name the task in Clockify by the Asana ID, the new Clockify task name is the correct Asana ID.

Thanks for helping me think this through @Bastien_Siebman and @Phil_Seeman. I was struggling to articulate this question.

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