Zapier Not Finding Asana Task In Project (Task Definitely Exists)

I have been experiencing issues with Zapier having trouble locating Asana Tasks by Name for some time now. This closed post explains what I am experiencing as well.

I am using a project template and notice that it happens with the same tasks. Workarounds that I have found successful in the past are duplicating the task, deleting the original, and re-running the zap. I have also duplicated the task from within the template and deleted the original and this seems to help some percentage of the time but I cannot say with certainty that this happens 100% of the time as we have very many projects live at any given time. These workarounds have stopped working and it appears I cannot find certain phrases. For example “Sales Hand Off” will not be found but if I change the same task’s title to “Completely Different” and run the test, it will find it right away. I have also reduced it to “Sales” and “Hand” and “Off” and none of these words work. I have also created a completely separate task with no dependents or dependancies and in a different section and that didn’t work.


Additionally, I have tried duplicating the zap and get the same results there.

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Hi @Korey_Perkins
I personally do not use Zendesk, any @ambforumleader uses zendesk and can help here?